Hey ya’ll! Welcome to my Blog, mamabearmaven. My name is Tara Peterson. I’m a 32 year old wife and mother living in Winder, Ga. We’re about an hour outside of Atlanta and 15 minutes from Athens, where the University of Georgia is located. My husband and I live in an adorable home on 1.5 acres with our two little boys (Samuel, 2 and Oliver, 7 months). I grew up in a small town and really enjoy getting back to living the simple life, raising my children in the country. I’m in love with coffee, books, and cooking. I’m super passionate about skin care, I went to school for Aesthetics and I also would consider myself pretty knowledgeable about makeup products and application-which I LOVE. I also love supporting small businesses and shops. I’m an avid Instagram user. My account is tarapeterson1002 -feel free to give me a folllow! I’ve found So many incredible shops through Instagram and I’ll be sharing them with you along this journey as well. I’m also a PPD advocate and will be discussing that on the blog as well. Feel free to message, comment as you like and thanks for reading!!


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