I’m Baaaaaccckk

Wow! So, I thought I was getting off to a good start and then life took over for awhile. Well, maybe that’s not the total truth. I’m sure I had some time to squeeze in some writing but I didn’t and now I’m back. I’ve had a lot of topics on my mind to discuss so I should probably get started! I’ll use this hiatus of mine to discuss something that I know mothers everywhere experience. Wanting for things that we never advance on. Or, having those dreams we may think are so far fetched we’ll never achieve them. Perhaps it’s starting your own business, becoming a blogger, picking up a hobby, cleaning out your closet, renovating something in your house…the list could go on and on. As a stay at home mom I’ve definitely had my share of ideas, dreams, accomplishments I would like to pursue. Some may be totally out there and some are quite simple-it’s just the whole “grab the bull by the horns” attitude I need to develop. I see so many successful mom bosses who hustle to run their own businesses and I think to myself how awesome that would be. To be able to bring in an income as well as stay at home with my children. It’s not impossible, but when I think of what I would like to do I just am not sure. I make a list in my head of things I’m good at and what would be my dream job if I could have it.

In the end, sometimes we psych ourselves out about our ambitions and to do lists. I think it’s amazing to have inspiring people out there who can not only give us a run for our money but have an effect on us to step up our game. We can question to ourselves “Can we have it all?” The job+the kids+the feeling of fulfillment. It’s easy to get caught up in day to day life and lose sight of what we would really like to see ourselves succeed in. It’s important to have a vision. It’s important to take some time to possibly make a list-whether writing it down or in your head of what really makes YOU happy, where you see yourself in 10 years, small and large accomplishments. It’s easy to feel mundane and alone, perhaps lost and even to the point of wondering “Am I just my kids mom? A wife?” That’s okay because there’s nothing wrong with that too. But you’re not just a mom and just a wife. You are your own success and how far you want to go with it is totally up to you. In this day and age women have so much opportunity out there we just have to go for it. Don’t let anyone or any doubt hold you back. I think that can be the most scary part of shooting for our dreams-the possibility and fear of failure. But hanging back and letting excuses get in the way of what you really want to do will only cause regret, so go for it! At least you tried. Make a vision board for yourself. Create a Pinterest page. Get a planner to keep organized and tell people close to you about your aspirations because then you have people to be accountable to. Remember, you are your worst critic and nothing is unattainable if you really want it to happen.




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