Do we call it the “Terrible Twos?”

Terrible Twos.

You know the phrase. You hear about it whether you are a parent or not. That time in a little one’s life when they start to become less like a cute, chubby human and more like a savage, destructive little beast. Oh wait, did I just say that? I have to make fun of it because we’ve been having quite the experience over here with our precious little Samuel. I know it’s normal-the tantrums, the testing, the defiance…and did I mention the tantrums? I knew it was coming, Sam turned two back at the end of December and honestly, we have been having some bouts of this behavior for awhile (months) before he actually turned two. I humorously told myself maybe he’s having his “terrible twos” early and we’ll just sail through it. You understood that I said humorously right? This is the perfect time to enter a “LOL” moment. The funniest part about it is that sometimes I really wonder if he does some of these monstrosities on purpose. For example, picking up my coffee I had set in the grocery cart and holding it sideways-pouring all over the cart, floor, my bag, and his brother! All of this while I had my back turned to grab some produce. I wonder and am almost positive that some of the things our kids do at this age is primarily to grab our attention. Perhaps it is, perhaps it is because they are curious. Testing the boundaries of our patience? Gravity? Surely it has to be when he bites into a marker, licks salt off the table after he’s dumped it out or takes a chunk out of a Beauty Blender. I would guess to a two year old they might look like candy or a bright pink marshmallow.

In the end, I have to remind myself he is two before I blow a gasket. Most of the things he does aren’t meant to destroy things or deliberately hurt or disappoint me. He’s learning about how to express his emotions when he’s flailing about screaming and upset because you said he has to come inside or he can’t have another M&M. He doesn’t understand when you pull him down from the dining room table that you are concerned with his safety when all he wants to do is climb and throw things on the floor. Honestly, most things I probably stop him from doing ARE because of his safety…running into the street, playing near the fireplace, getting too close to the oven while cooking etc. All of these things that are exhausting are typical and will pass as he gets older, only to be replaced with new challenges of learning and discipline.

I can’t ramble too much about the downsides of the “terrible twos” though…having a two year old is overwhelming at times, but it is FUN. Watching him learn and discover new things (when he’s not getting into trouble 😉 ) is probably one of the most rewarding parts of parenting. Reading books and pausing so he can read the part of the colors to you is pretty amazing. Listening to him list out the animals he recognizes, pointing and telling you what he wants or needs, overhearing him counting to himself in his playroom, peeking in on him showing compassion to his brother, or the random and oh so lovely kisses and hugs he gives will always be my favorite part of Sam. As he gets older and continues to blossom I want to hold on to these two year old moments. Sure, he knows how to push the buttons sometimes but he doesn’t realize that’s what he is doing. But he sure makes up for it by being just plain awesome, tantrums and all. That’s Sam. He’s two. Boy do we have a long way to go and it needs to slow down!



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