Holiday Weekends are for…family

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous and relaxing long holiday weekend with MLK day passing. I’d say we were both busy and still managed to get some relaxing time in, but we’re pretty good at that anyway. Hubs managed to do some “Honey-do’s” around the house while I took the kids to Marietta to visit with my grandmother and aunt Connie. Who, let me tell you, is Sam’s ride or die, bff for life! Haha! In all seriousness though, they had a great time playing and I helped my grandmother put together her puzzle. Most people might think that is the pits of boring, but it was actually a lot of fun! It also made me really want to get a giant children’s puzzle to put together and set up in a frame in the boy’s playroom. Something like this:

One of the things I have noticed that has been such a positive change in my life since I had Samuel, is the relationship between my aunt and I. To be honest, we weren’t necessarily all that close. Maybe we didn’t have much in common but I know she cared about me and would pray for me and honestly, she’s the first one who introduced my brother and I to church. She took me to Bible Camp as a kid where I have fond memories of not only just being in summer camp, but of accepting Christ as my savior at 12 years old. I always noticed she and my brother had a really tight bond that she and I just never had. Well, needless to say I have felt a total transformation ever since Samuel has been born. Connie is one of my biggest supporters (I’m sure she always has been, but now I see it for myself). She is also someone who is very encouraging to me as I work on my relationship with God and she also prays a lot for Pete and that he will be led to see and understand what the Lord has in store for him as well.

I never thought we’d be this close and I am grateful for her relationship, her friendship, her guidance-not only with Pete and I, but most graciously with my boys. We asked her to be Samuel’s Godmother a couple weeks ago. We couldn’t imagine someone more fitting for him, they really are two peas in a pod. Maybe a crazy , funny pod but it’s a good one! I look forward to the growing relationship between all of us in the future.




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