Welcome to my BlogLife

Well, here we go everyone. I’ve decided to take the next step in recording my thoughts into a blog. I’ve always wanted to write and create in some sort of way and now that I’ve become a mother with all sorts or responsibilities and new experiences, why not? With this first post I would like to introduce myself and explain a little about what I would like to discuss, examine, celebrate, learn, inform, and bring awareness to with this blog. And please let me say this, involvement from readers is key. I’d love to hear what you’d like to discuss and read about so feel free to chime in!

My name is Tara Peterson and I’m a 32 year old stay at home mama. I have two incredibly beautiful (they are, trust me 😉 ) little boys. Samuel is two years old and Oliver is about to be 7! months. Where does the time go?? Everyone tells you when you have children-from the very beginning-how fast it goes by. To cherish every moment you have with them. Boy, were they right!! I feel like now that I have two children, the time goes by even faster now!! I’m pretty sure most of the time I was pregnant with Oliver, I would actually forget I was expecting. Ha ha!! I’m married to Pete-we’ve been officially married for 15 months although it sure does feel like longer with all that we have been through together. I guess I will say that Pete and I don’t do things the “traditional” way and that’s okay, because that’s what makes us a unique couple. We bought our first house back in May of 2015, a month before I had Oliver. (Yup, packing, moving, unpacking at 8 months pregnant with a toddler was SUPER fun!) Before, we lived in Sandy Springs in an apartment. When we found out we were expecting #2 we figured it was time to get serious about upgrading our space and stop throwing away rent on a small apartment. We went house hunting and if you have ever done that, it takes quite awhile to find the place you want to sign your life away to….I mean, plant your roots-forever. We were blessed though, not only with a great realtor but the home we bought is beautiful, spacious, and everything we need for us with room to grow. Have I mentioned we have a really nice yard? Oh yeah and it’s a rural feel with a neighborhood so you get the best of both worlds. Quiet atmosphere, friendly neighbors. I can definitely see us making more memories here as our children grow up.

There’s a lot more posts to come about our growing home and children-so let’s get to a little more about why I want to write this blog and what we will be discussing. Basically, there are no limits here. I want to create a space where moms can say or think “I totally understand and I’ve been there!!” I want a place for women to come together and support one another whether you have children or not, whether you support attachment parenting or not, whether you breastfed successfully or formula fed or breastfed and struggled (like I did so many times). If you had PPD, let’s talk about it because Lord knows I did. If you’re coping with difficult family members, trying to fit in with a new mama group, trying to make new friends (it’s hard as we get older, I know!) this is the place for you. Let’s talk about our marriages and relationships, helping them grow and nourishing them. Whatever you have ideas on, let me know and we’ll talk about it!

I am also very passionate about skincare and love makeup and beauty products. I have a lot of friends who come to me and ask me for tips and advice not only for application help but for skincare woes and product information and reviews. We’ll get into that too. How to budget buy as a mom, let’s talk about that. Love Kid’s clothes and products? Me too, we’ll get into that as well. Trying to figure out what to do for dinners and meal prep? Have a picky toddler? We’ll talk about it.

I think with my first post, I’m going to leave it here with a bit of an intro into what this blog will be about. Lifestyle, Momlife, things I’m passionate about, and more. So tag along for the journey. I’m glad to have you here!









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